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IFM Healthcare (IFMH) is no longer active and this website is not being updated.

IFMH Inform

IFMH Inform is IFM Healthcare's regular newsletter which, among other things, provides information on:

  • Issues of topical debate on the supply and analysis of information to support the management of healthcare
  • New information resources
  • The activities of key organisations who supply information to support commissioning health care, providing health care and health-related R & D
  • New sources and conferences of interest to information professionals and others working in health care
To become a member of IFM Healthcare and receive regular copies of IFMH Inform, please see the information on membership.

Editions of the newsletter
We provide the tables of contents of the most recent issues of our newsletter online as well as the full text of selected articles. In addition, some issues (marked with *) are available to download as a pdf file.

Current Issue:
Volume 19 (3) Issue Theme: Change Management and Business Planning
2008 Issues:
Volume 19 (2) Issue Theme: HLG Conference 2008: "Impact and Influence: Evolving to Succeed" (2)
Volume 19 (1) Issue Theme: HLG Conference 2008: "Impact and Influence: Evolving to Succeed" (1)
Volume 18 (3)* Issue Theme: Project Management
2007 Issues:
Volume 18 (2)* Issue Theme: Information Literacy
Volume 18 (1)* Issue Theme: Networking
2006 Issues:
Volume 17 (3)* Issue Theme: Research & Development
Volume 17 (2)* Issue Theme: Partnership Working & Collaboration
Volume 17 (1)* Issue Theme: Research Methods
2005 Issues:
Volume 16 (3)* Issue Theme: E-learning & Information Literacy
Volume 16 (2)* Issue Theme: Social Services
Volume 16 (1)* Issue Theme: Evidence-Based Health Management
For older issues (1990-2004), please see the Inform Archive

Invitation to authors
We are keen to publish articles or regular columns on any issue related to healthcare management. If you'd like to find out more about writing for Inform please contact either of the IFMH Inform Joint-Editors,  or  for more information.


Instructions for authors
Articles submitted for publication in Inform should conform to the guidelines set out in the Instructions for authors.

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